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Gym and Swim fitness

NB Aqua fitrness is best place for your fitness care under one roof.


Muscle Fitness, Weight Loss & Weight Gain Service provided by NB Aqua fitness.


A wide range of weights as per your need and experience.


Our instructors will provide you the best ways to lose belly fat and get abs

about Us

The NB Aqua Fitness was founded solely on the purpose of providing unmatched fitness solutions in Jaipur. We offer the most superior fitness equipment with thorough and sound fitness knowledge to our members. With the help of dedicated and certified trainers, nutritional counselling, and state of the art infrastructure, we aim to maximize the potential of our members towards achieving their goals. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular health and in the process, improve the quality of your life and wellbeing, we are there with you all the way.

The increased efficiency of our training programs comes about for a number of reasons:

Design: A training program designed by our professional trainer, will ensure to include all the key elements needed to help you reach your goals.

Progress: When you work to a plan it is much easier to monitor and track progress against plan. In other words, you need to see results at the end of your hard work.

Motivation: Health and fitness needs motivation (unfortunately). Human beings typically tend to perform the best when we have clear and understandable goals to work towards. Good training programs are designed to work towards specific targets that are achievable, measurable, and attainable. Seeing your progress combined with our constant monitoring process is the very best motivator here.

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NB Aqua fitrness is best place for your fitness care under one roof, we have best trainer for swimming and fitness care. We have modern gymnasium,swimming pool,Yoga classes, aerobics, zumba, kempo and other floor classes are available.

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Gym (value added 20% discount)

  • 1500 Monthly
  • 4000 Quarterly
  • 6000 half Yearly
  • 9000 yearly


  • 200 Per Hours
  • 6000 for Season(3 Months)
  • 2500 Monthly

Gym + swimming

  • 3200 Per Month

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